What Kinds Of Businesses Need Contact Management Software?

LibreWeb, a tool to fill spreadsheet cells with data from different web pages. eLAIX allows users to write and read ILIAS learning modules offline and to export to ePUB3 e-book file format. This page compares the features of LibreOffice 7.0.2 and Microsoft Office 2019 / 365. It separates major and minor feature differences and also includes notes on LibreOffice extensions.


The comparison highlights differences and therefore does not display any features which are present in both office suites. Unviewable + is a great app for VBA add-in developers to protect their IP from potential hackers or re-distributers. This application can take your VBA add-in and apply various levels of protection to prevent users/customers from viewing the VBA source code. The application only takes a few seconds to run and has worked great for me and the add-ins I sell for TheSpreadsheetGuru.

  • However, it can sometimes happen that even after checking hundreds of fonts, you’re not able to find the perfect font that you were looking for.
  • Or you simply want to use a unique font in your app, website or logo design.
  • In such cases, you may want to create your own font to add uniqueness to the typography of your project.
  • These tools are designed with a UFO-based workflow in mind, though many would also be useful in other workflows.
  • There are a number of other useful features in Font Book that may be worth examining.

As it turns out, the folks at Tiller Money had similar issues and solved it by building a tool to automate the process. They basically give your budgeting spreadsheets, including Google Sheets, the power of automation. If you just need to view and send spreadsheets rather than edit them, there isn’t a more elegant option than Documents 5.

You can learn more about this application by visiting my review of Unviewable Plus. This is a great utility tool for Excel that Messenger for Windows 7 can greatly clean up an excel file.

If you use Google products or want access to your spreadsheets no matter what platform you’re on, Google Drive is the safest bet. odt2braille, enables authors to print documents to a Braille embosser and to export documents as Braille files. The Braille output is well-formatted and highly customizable.

If you want lots of functionality along with the ability to sync your files with any file storage service, Documents To Go is worth a look. GoDocs was made specifically for Google Docs and provides much of the same functionality as the Google Drive app. One thing I prefer about GoDocs over Google Drive app is the layout. It’s also got some powerful search and filter features that Google Drive just doesn’t offer.


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